Terms & Conditions

  • Trust/Society/Properitorship/private Ltd etc.. institutions can apply for affiliation through online or offline mode

  • Shifiting or name change of the institutions should be intimated through mail to VIMT programme office

  • The VIMT Courses offered in the institution should be a full time courses. If the management wants to run part time courses, special permission should be obtained from VIMT Programme Office

  • The Following Titles are not allowed in the Institute’s Name.   
      • 1. COMMUNITY


      • 3. NURSING

      • 4. ENGINEERING



      7. ITI/ITC

  • Institute which run other Certificate, Diploma or Degree Courses should not award any certificate merging the same with the VIMT

  • Facilities Required
      • 1. classroom

      • 2. Practical room according to the courses

      • 3. Front office

      • 4. Rest room

      • 5. Lab/Library according to the courses

      • 6. Name Board
      • The validity of affiliation of a Training Center is for a year from the date of affiliation. The Training Center has to apply for the renewal of affiliation at least one month in advance of the affiliation expiry date.

    • Any advertisement using Govt. of India Emblem, giving false information to public without the consent of the VIMT is punishable. If it is so, It will lead to cancellation of the approval of the institute.